5 SEO Tasks I Probably Won’t Do for You

For the normal business owner who’s looking around for ways to improve the business, SEO is a frequent destination. People are attracted by the almost infinite exposure available from being in Google organic listings which is fantastic.

But from talking to people who make enquiries into SEO, it’s clear that those who are looking around for more info about SEO on the web are exposed to a world of game-playing, manipulation and short-term quick fixes.

This is evident when I hear the following:

“Will you be producing articles with good keyword density?”

“How many times do we need to repeat the phrases to make sure we rank for them?”

“I already used lots of hidden text I can you just do the link building please”

This is by no means a reflection on the person saying it but instead on how much more likely it is to come across these types of techniques rather than what we know to be best-practice SEO.

Here are 5 SEO tasks I won’t carry out for my clients:

1)    Keyword stuffing

It doesn’t work, and the grammar gremlin in my head starts to get quite irate when I read stuffed articles so writing one would probably leave me in a coma.

2)    Hidden text

This isn’t even borderline poor technique. It’s just plain deception. If you’re caught doing this, start registering a new domain name.

3)    Link building en masse

A huge sore point for many businesses since Google’s Penguin update. I need not go into the any further.

4)    Spun articles

I (and many others) only ever write with the human visitor in mind so this is a no-go area.

5)    Mass submission to search engines

How many search engines have you heard of? Google and Bing now make up almost 99% of the search market and the rest is made up of small (and sometimes specific) search engines which aren’t going to deliver a fraction of the traffic Google could deliver. As a result, search engine submission services simply don’t make any sense. Furthermore, you don’t need to submit your site to Google to rank there.

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